About Us

Find out what you have lost by using our services! The thing you might be looking for could be a genetic property or even some lost money. It is basically any asset that belongs to you, but is not currently under your ownership.

Look for your missing money in any part of the country on this site. We serve you by helping you locate any money related asset that belongs to you. You can search for the unclaimed property that comes under your name in the country. It is a very easy process, where all you have to do is to fill in a few details that would help us to locate your assets.

The information that we would need includes your name, and optionally to narrow down the search the address (do not forget to check your previous address as well), your property ID and the state you wish to search your property in. After you have filled in the details and clicked the search button, you would be directed to a page that would give you a list of unclaimed property that comes under this category. The records would be retrieved from the database where you can choose your property accordingly. You will get the link to unclaimed property office website, from where you can claim your property back.